When diagnostics are performed on a production web site that is in operation, It is necessary to reduce 

as much as possible the risk of load on the target web site and unintended data changes.

This article provides the minimum points to keep in mind when diagnosing to the production web site.

We recommend that you run the diagnostic in a test environment, as there will be a considerable load 

 on the production web site during execution.

◆ Before you begin your diagnosis

Check the following two events that may occur by running diagnostics and take preliminary action if necessary.

  • Changes occur in the data

     The data of the target system may change.
     Therefore, we recommend that you back up your system and data in advance.

  • Large amounts of data are registered and emailed.
     Depending on the functionality of the target web site, a large amount of data may be registered 
     in the target system when the scan is conducted. In addition, in the case of inquiry functions that
     involve sending e-mail, etc., please contact the person in charge of receiving e-mail or the server
     administrator in advance, as a large volume of e-mail may be sent. Please consider excluding the
     diagnosis from the scope of the study if it will have an impact.

  ※We have prepared a "Medical Questionnaire" that outlines the items to be checked in advance of 

   conducting the diagnosis, as described above. 

   Please download the file from the link below and use it.


◆ Diagnostic Steps

1.  Set runtime options

2.  Start crawl only

3.  Scrutinize the screens that are excluded from the diagnosis(After crawl and before scan)

4.  Check speed settings and start scanning

◆ Procedure Details

1.  Set runtime options

Scan List > New Scan > 「Site/Scan Basic Info.」, set the following

  • Basic Scan Options > Scan Speed

    Select "Slow" to reduce the load.

  • Basic Scan Options > Safe Mode

    By checking the "Enable" checkbox, you can expect the following functions to be suppressed

    -Page before login:Inquiry、Posting on bulletin boards, etc.
    -Page after login:Deletion, etc.

  • Crawl / scan target setting
    You can set the screens you want to exclude from the crawl/scan.
    For more information, please refer to the FAQ below.

2.  Start crawl only

Scan Details > Status "▶Wait" > "Crawl/Scan", Select "Crawl Only" and click "Start".

By performing only a crawl, it is possible to re-scrutinize the screens to be excluded from the diagnosis 

before the scan is performed (step 3.).

3.  Scrutinize the screens that are excluded from the diagnosis(After crawl and before scan)

After the tour is completed, screen transition diagrams are checked and re-examined to determine 

if there are any screens that should be excluded from the diagnosis.

Please refer to the FAQ below for the procedure to disqualify.


4.  Check speed settings and start scanning

Scan Details  > Status "▶Crawled" > "Crawl/Scan", Make sure "Crawl/Scan Speed" is set to "Slow", 

then click "Start".