If the login transition or the post-login screen cannot be crawled by the automatic crawl, it is possible to crawl the post-login screen by using the manual crawl (remote browser) and the automatic crawl together. 


1. Create a new scan for the target to be diagnosed. 

2. Go to the created scan details and click "Manual Crawl" from the scan menu.

3. Click on "Crawl with Remote Browser". 

4. Enter any value in the "Start New crawling" name field and click the "Connect" button.

5. Login on the remote browser and click the "Apply to diagram" button.

6. Click on "Form Input Value Change and Re-crawl (snail icon)" on the screen after login.

7. Click on "Change and Start Auto-crawl" from this screen.

8. As a result, auto-crawl will start from the transition after login, and it is possible to get the login process by manual crawl and auto-crawl the subsequent transitions.

This is the end of the procedure.