Information on AeyeScan is disseminated in the following ways.

How to contact you
Release information
Announcements on AeyeScan
Weekly updates
Summary of release information
Our e-newsletter
Distributed once a month
Outage information/emergency maintenance*
Emergency distribution emails and Announcements on AeyeScan
each time
Future release information

On our corporate website and

Announcements on AeyeScan

each time
Information on the use of technology
Technology blog (Qiita)Irregular

*In the event of a fault/emergency maintenance that will negatively impact the user, the user will be notified in advance by email.

Email notifications will be sent to the account registered with AeyeScan.

Functional updates and other updates that are not expected to have a significant negative impact are posted in the notices on AeyeScan.

■ Incident contact details

If you have confirmed that an incident has occurred, please contact us using the contact details below.

For inquiries and support services