If the FAQs do not solve your problem, please contact us by form or email.

*Inquiries regarding the operation of the tool are for Business plan customers. 

When contacting us, please provide us with your support ID.

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  • E-mail address
    •  help@ml.aeyescan.com 
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    • Target Site Connection Information
      We may access (crawl or scan) the target site for research purposes. If you have access to the target site from our company, please contact us with the following information as well.
      • URL/account information of the target site
      • Accessible hours (e.g., weekdays from 9:00 to 18:00 (GMT+9))
      • Period of access (e.g., April 1 - April 15 (not Saturday and Sunday))
      • Other information necessary for access and notes on access

        * The access source will be from the same IP address as AeyeScan.

  • Service Description
  • Support contact: Form or e-mail from the support site
  • Support Hours: 10:00-18:00 (GMT+9) on our business days
  • What we accept for support
    • Failures in normal operation
    • Inquiries about initial setup and basic operation(Business Plan Customers)
    • Inquiries about possible false positives(Business Plan Customers)
      *Excludes investigation of customer-specific environments.
      *Support for setting up normal operation according to the customer's environment, and Support for close examination of detection results according to the customer's environment is a separate option.