If AeyeScan determines that a screen is similar to another screen during automatic crawling, it judges that scanning is unnecessary and automatically excludes the similar screen from crawling.

For example, if the content displayed is different but the page design is the same (e.g., product list, product detail page, etc.), only one screen will be displayed in the transition diagram, and other similar screens will not be displayed. 

Despite the above mechanism, there may be cases where multiple similar screens are displayed in the transition diagram, depending on the site.

In such cases, please check the following

・Method 1.

You can change the strength of the exclusion decision from the "Exclusion Decision for Similar Pages" in the scan settings.

Please see below.

What is the "Exclude Similar Pages"?

・Method 2

Similar pages can be excluded by specifying the URLs of similar pages in the "Crawl/Scan Target Settings".

Please see below.

How can I exclude certain pages from being crawled or scanned?

・Method 3

It is possible to exclude similar pages by specifying URLs that are judged to be similar pages in the "Rules for determining similar pages" in the scan settings. 

Please see below.

I want to exclude specified similar pages from crawling.