If crawling takes a long time or does not finish after crawling has started, the following are possible causes.

■Cause 1.

It is possible that similar pages are crawled during the crawling process, resulting in a large number of target pages, which is taking time.

There are two ways to exclude similar pages from crawling before crawling.

・Method 1.

You can change the strength of the exclusion decision from the "Exclusion Similar Pages" in the scan settings.

Please see below.

What is the "Exclude Similar Pages"?

・Method 2.

You can exclude similar pages by specifying the URLs of similar pages in "Rules for determining similar pages".

Please check the following.

I want to exclude specified similar pages from crawling.

・Method 3.

You can exclude pages from being crawled in advance by specifying the URLs of pages that do not need to be scanned.

Please check the following.

I want to remove the admin panel from the crawl/scan target.

■Cause 2.

If Cause 1 does not apply, or if the crawl does not finish after 2 days (48 hours) or more, please contact our support team for further assistance.

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