If a login page exists during crawling, AeyeScan automatically logs in using the authentication information set in the "Normal login settings" in the scan settings and crawls the page after that.

However, depending on the design of the target site's login function, there may be cases where automatic login fails and the site cannot be crawled.

Please check the possible causes below.

■Cause 1.

If the login function is not supported by AeyeScan, the automatic login will fail.

For example, AeyeScan cannot handle the following cases

・Sites where double login is prohibited because the session is won first.

・Sites that require multi-factor authentication other than login ID and password

Also, please check if the site does not fall under any of the following "Crawl Impossible Sites".

What sites are uncrawlable or difficult to crawl?

■Cause 2

If the site is under double login control, automatic login will fail with the default scan settings.

Please check the following before taking action.

Failed to crawl a site with a double login ban control.

■Cause 3.

If access to another domain is required for login, such as SSO (single sign-on), additional settings are required.

Please check the following before proceeding.

How do I set up authentication for a different domain?

■Cause 4.

If AeyeScan does not recognize the login page, automatic login will fail. 

You can check if AeyeScan recognizes the login page of the target site by following the steps below.


1. Open the screen transition diagram and click the "Change form entry value (snail icon)" button on the login execution page.

2. Check if the value of the parameter for which authentication information is sent matches the value entered in the "Normal Login Settings".

If the values do not match, AeyeScan does not recognize it as a login page.Please contact support.

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