Register and run a scan

Register a new scan 

Follow steps 1 through 2 to access the Create New Scan page.

Create new scan

1.Site Name: Enter the name of your website. These characters are also used for the cover page of the report.

2.Top URL: Please enter the URL of the top page of your website. This URL is the starting point for crawling.

3.Basic Scan Options: You can adjust the load and the range of diagnostic targets according to your site.
    Configuration example for development site
        Crawl as wide as possible and diagnose many pages. 

    Configuration example for production site
        The scope of the scan is narrower and it takes longer to scan, but the impact on the site is reduced. 

4.Normal Login Settings: For sites that have logins, set the credentials.

Scan executionPress the icon in the state of 1.
Select "Crawl and Scan" in 2 to complete the operation in one step.
Click on 3, Connection Test, to see if you can connect to the top URL you have set. If the connection fails, check the contents and review the settings.

Click Start 4 to begin crawl scan.

Next Step6 Check crawl results and scan results