There may be no response from the target site and the scan may have been suspended.

Possible reasons are as follows.

■If the target site is stopped due to scanning load

First, please check if you can access the target site with your browser.

If access is confirmed, change the scan speed to "slow" or "1 browser" and try scanning again.

When blocked by security devices, etc.

If you have installed security devices such as IDS/IPS/WAF, there is a possibility that AeyeScan communication is considered as an attack and access is blocked.

If you have installed a security device, please set the IP address of AeyeScan as an unblocked IP address.

access source IP address

I am using a firewall to restrict access. What is the IP address of the access source?

It is also possible that the IP address of AeyeScan is already blocked.

In this case, use the "Connection Test" function below to check whether the top URL of the target site is accessible.

Is there a function to check if the target site is accessible after the scan is set up?

If you can access the target site from your browser but cannot connect using the "Connection Test" function, the AeyeScan IP address may be blocked, so please unlock it from the security device settings and try crawling again.

If a Scan paused occurs, you can check the details of the error and how to respond to it from the notification (bell mark) in the upper left corner of the AeyeScan page.

・The notification (bell mark) at the top of the page