If the crawl results (pages or number of pages retrieved) in AeyeScan are different, the following cases are possible.

Cases of differences in crawl results.

・If there is a change in the display due to data registration at the target site

 AeyeScan performs data registration during crawling and scanning when the data registration function exists.

 Therefore, the number of pages after crawling may increase or decrease depending on the data registered 

 at the target site. 

・When differences occur depending on the crawl transition order

 AeyeScan acquires pages from the top page of the target page each time it performs a crawl.

 Therefore, the order of transition may change each time the crawl is performed, and there may be differences 

 in the pages retrieved. 

・When there is a difference between pages that are determined to be duplicates

 AeyeScan has the ability to automatically exclude pages that are determined to be similar to other pages during crawling.

 If similar pages exist, one page is acquired and other similar pages are automatically excluded.

 Since this is an automatic decision, there may be differences in the pages retrieved, even if they are from the same site.

・If differences occur due to improvements in AeyeScan's crawl accuracy and accuracy of judging similar pages 

 AeyeScan is released every week to improve the crawl accuracy and the accuracy of judging similar pages.

 As a result, AeyeScan may retrieve more pages than screen transition diagrams retrieved in the past, 

 or it may exclude similar pages, resulting in a decrease in the number of retrieved pages.