■I want to be excluded from both crawling and scanning in advance.

If there are pages that you want to exclude from both crawl and scan, set the exclusion path in the crawl and scan target settings.


You can do this in the following three ways

When creating a new scan

Scan List>New Scan>Crawl/Scan Target Settings


Scan already created but before crawling

Scan List>Scan Detail>Crawl/Scan Target Settings>Crawl/Scan Target Settings Edit button


Scan already created, crawling or scanning in progress

Scan List>Scan Detail>Status(Crawled/Crawl Paused/Scan Paused)>Crawl, Scan>Press Reset button

Scan List>Status(Crawled/Crawl Paused/Scan Paused)>Crawl, Scan>Press Reset button


For detailed instructions on how to set crawl/scan target settings, see below.

I want to remove the admin panel from the crawl/scan target.


■ I want to exclude a user from scanning after a crawl.

Select the page to be excluded from scanning from the screen transition diagram and click the Page Setup (Scan Target, Memo) button. On the displayed page, set the scanning target to "OFF" to exclude the page from scanning. You can also make settings from the page list.


The settings can be made in the following two ways

Go to Scan Detail or Scan List > Hamburger Menu > Screen Transition Diagram .

Scan Detail or Scan List > Hamburger Menu > Crawl Result Confirmation.