When entering email addresses in forms, etc., the email address to be entered is optional, but using an email address for email integration will allow scanning of new registration functions, etc.


1. Access the screen where you want to use the linked e-mail address function, and with the e-mail address entry form selected, click the "Input integration email" button, then click the "Input Whole Email" button, and the e-mail address for the linkage will be automatically entered.

2. After the registration process is executed, a dialog box will appear when the e-mail arrives at the AeyeScan mail server, click the "OK" button.

3. As a result, the contents of the e-mail will be displayed in your browser.

4. By clicking on the URL link in the content of the e-mail, you can also obtain subsequent transitions.

This is the end of the procedure for using the linked e-mail address function.