When entering an e-mail address into a form or other form, the e-mail address to be entered is optional, but using an e-mail address for e-mail integration will enable diagnosis of the new registration function and the password reissue function. 


1. Access the screen where you want to use the linked e-mail address function, and with the e-mail address entry form selected, click the "Input integration email" button, then click the "Input Whole Email" button, and the e-mail address for the linkage will be automatically entered.

2. When the e-mail arrives at the AeyeScan e-mail server, a dialog box will appear, and click the "OK" button.

3. As a result, the contents of the e-mail will be displayed in your browser.

4. By clicking on the URL link in the content of the e-mail, you can also obtain subsequent transitions.

This is the end of the procedure for using the linked e-mail address function.