The Remote Browser allows you to export recorded or in-progress operations and import them into another scan information to crawl. The exported results are output as a json format file.

This feature allows the results of a manual crawl to be used in another scan.


1. Exporting manual crawl results

To export crawl results, click on the "Export" button displayed on each crawl result.

2. Importing manual crawl results

Click on "Manual Crawl" from the scan menu of the target scan.

Click on "Crawl with Remote Browser".

Under "Import File and Start crawling," select a name and the exported manual crawl file.

The Remote Browser will launch, and the contents of the manual crawl file will be replayed.

You can also click "Apply to diagram " to reflect the file in the screen transition diagram.

You can also add another transition to the content recorded in the manual crawl file.