The Remote Browser allows the user to correct an operation if an incorrect transition is made during the recording of the screen.

For example, it is possible to replay the screen up to a specified point and delete subsequent operations, or to add or delete operations.

Even if a transition fails due to an input error during recording, there is no need to start over from the beginning.

Please refer to the operation procedures below.

Playback of recorded operations and deletion of subsequent operations


If an input error or other error occurs while recording an operation and you wish to redo the recording, you can rewind to the specified operation and record the rest of the operation.

To do this, click on the hamburger icon at the point where you want to rewind and click "Play to this point and delete the following".

The operation is replayed up to the point where the click was made, and subsequent operations are deleted.

The screen can then be recorded again from the beginning.

Delete operation

If an incorrect operation was recorded while recording an operation, it is possible to delete the specified operation.

In this case, click "Delete" from the hamburger menu of the operation you wish to delete.