The Scan Queue function allows you to scan a current scan as soon as it finishes.

The next scan can be started automatically.

■How to register a scan queue

With a scan already in progress, click the "Start" button for the scan.

Then it is automatically registered in the scan queue.

The registration status of a scan queue can be checked from the following

Scan Menu > Schedule > Scan Queue

■Cautions when using the Scan Queue function

・When using the schedule function

If there are scans registered in a schedule and scans registered in a Queue

The scan registered in the Queue will be started first.

・When a Crawl/Scan Prohibition Schedule is set

If the start timing of a Queue is Crawl/Scan Prohibition Schedule, no scan will be started.

Scanning will start automatically after the domain inhibit time expires.

・When the number of concurrent executions is added

If the number of concurrent scans is added while a scan is registered in a Queue

The scan registered in the Queue will start immediately.

About Scans Displayed in Scan Queue Management

If scans for domains to which you do not have permissions to view are queued, they will not appear on the Scan Queue Management screen.

Therefore, scans that are displayed on the Scan Queue Management screen will not be started sequentially.

They will be started sequentially from the scan queued first.