After crawling starts, "Crawl Error" may not occur, but the screen transition diagram may show no or only a few pages that have not been retrieved and the crawl is completed.

Please check the following possible causes.

■Cause 1.

The site to be scanned may be a site that cannot be crawled by AeyeScan or is difficult to crawl.

Please check the following to see if AeyeScan can scan the site.

What sites are uncrawlable or difficult to crawl?

Also, please consider using manual crawling when applicable to "cases that can be handled by manual crawling".

Step1 Manual Crawl Start Guide

■Cause 2.

There is a possibility that you may lack the necessary settings for crawling.

Please check the following and review the scan settings to see if crawling is possible.

Cannot auto-crawl. Some pages cannot be crawled by auto-crawl.