Detailed logs of the scan results can be downloaded from the List of Scan Results, including detailed logs of report downloads.

・How to access

Click on Scan Details or Scan List>hamburger button>Report Download>Scan Report>Scan Results List with Detail Logs

・Operation Procedure

1. Click the "Scan Results List with Detail Logs" button to download "scan_result_detail_list_339(demosite1.aeyescan.work_3333).zip".

2. Unzip the downloaded file.

The "scan_result_list_detail.xlsx" and "httplog folder" will be output.

・About scan_result_list_detail.xlsx

1.When you open the file, you may see a blank line (Vulnerability ID, Severity, CVSS Score, CVSS Vector, Vulnerability Name, Crawl ID, Detected Page(Name), Detected Page(URL), Parameter Type, Original Parameter Name, Detected Parameter Name, Original Parameter Value, Detected Parameter Value, Detection Reason, Summary, Description and Solutions, References, Memo).

For example, if a SQL injection vulnerability is detected, the SQL injection vulnerability is detected by sending multiple patterns of requests and the difference between them. Blank lines are output for the number of requests sent. (See scan_result_list_detail.xlsx image ①)

2. Accessing the requested file column and the file name in the response file column will display a detailed log. (Refer to scan_result_list_detail.xlsx image ②) *In case of mac OS, it cannot be opened from the link. Please access the httplog folder directly.

3.The Detection Comment column contains a supplementary explanation for the Detection Reason column.

・scan_result_list_detail.xlsx image