Differences occur when multiple HTTP requests are sent on a single page. 

The number of HTTP requests generated is displayed in the list of traversal results, but the number of pages in the scan results report does not include the number of requests, but rather the number of HTTP requests sent to each page.

The number of pages is output. 


For example, if two requests are sent by the login function, the number of pages is 1 and the number of requests is 2.

The number of pages in the scan result report will be 1, and the number of lines in the crawl result list will be 2. 

URL sent when moving to the top page after login

1.http://demosite1.aeyescan.work:3333/login 302 

2.http://demosite1.aeyescan.work:3333/ 200

・HTTP log when two requests are sent on one page