You can prohibit crawling and scanning only at certain times each week or each day by going to "Domain Details > Crawl/Scan Prohibition Schedule".

If you want to run scans only during the daytime, you can do so by prohibiting scanning outside of daytime hours.

Example: If you want to perform scans only during the daytime (9:00 to 18:00)


1. select a "Domain" from the Scan Menu.

2. register a domain from "+Register New Domain".

3. Click on the "Action" icon for the registered domain.4. set "Crawl/Scan Prohibition Schedule" to prohibit scanning except during the daytime (9:00 to 18:00(GMT+9)) as shown below.

That is all for the settings.

If the date and time of the scan execution is known in advance, it is possible to start and stop the scan at the specified date and time by selecting "When to start crawl/scan> Execute at Scheduled Time" on the "Crawl/Scan" page.