This can be done by using the "Connection Test" function at the start of a crawl or scan.

"Connection Test" function accesses the target site from the AeyeScan access source IP address and checks whether a connection is possible.

It is also possible to view detailed response details and HTTP requests/responses when accessed.

This function allows you to check whether the target site can be accessed from the AeyeScan, whether there are any mistakes in the scan settings, and whether the site can be accessed from the AeyeScan.

AeyeScan's access source IP address is not blocked, etc.

■Connection Test Procedure

1. click the "Status" playback button in the scan list or scan details.

2. Click the "Connection Test" button.

After connection test, if status 200 responds as shown below, you are connected to the target site.

Continue crawling or scanning.

*If the status code 30X is the response, check access to the top URL from a normal browser.

If a similar response is returned with a 30X response when accessing from a normal browser, Please continue to crawl or scan the target site.

■How to respond when an error occurs

If the following errors occur, you may need to review your settings.

・Cases of authentication failure("Status Code" shows "401_UNAUTHORIZED")

Please review the "Basic/Digest Authentication Information" setting in the scan configuration.

・Connection not allowed("Status Code" shows "ACCESS_DENIED")

Please review the "Crawl/Scan Target Settings" setting in the Scan Settings.

・Timeout occurs("Status Code" shows "REQUEST_TIMEOUT")

Please check if the site is accessible.