AeyeScan restricts functions by account permissions (Administrator, Editor, and Viewer) as follows.

■List of Functions by Account Permissions


FunctionSub FunctionAdminEditorViewer
Operation HistoryOperation History Display
 Download Operation History--
Account SettingsView Account Management Page
 Execute login settings-
 Common login settings--
 Change session expiration time--
 Issue two-factor authentication release key--
 Email Change Entry--
License ManagementView License List--
 Ticket List--
 Ticket Consumption--
Sub-Account ManagementSub-Account List--
 Subaccount Registration--
 Edit sub-accounts--
API KeysAPI Key List Display-
 Create API Key-
Group ManagementGroup Information List--
 Create Group--
 Edit Group--
Notice ManagementList of Notices--
 Registering Notices--
 Edit notices--
Domain ManagementDomain List Display
 Domain detail display
 Edit domain information (not activated)-
 Domain information registration--
 Scan Inhibition Time Setting Registration-
 Scan Inhibition Time Setting Edit Execution-
Site ManagementList view
 New Registration-
 Edit Information-
 Information Details
Scanning InformationList view
 New Registration-
 Information Details
 Edit Information-
 Result display
 Detailed result display
 Result list display
 Batch setting to hide results-
 Download List of Results
 Download detailed result list
 Report Download
 Access Log Download-
 Batch Report Download
 External Domain List
 External Domain Registration-
Report SettingsList of settings
 Execute display setting changes-
 Vulnerability Severity, CVSS Change Execution-
Adding Report ItemsTop-
 Register new page information-
 Vulnerability Details-
 Page Details-
 Edit Page Information-
 Screenshot Registration-
 Execution of scan review, scan conditions, etc.-
 Vulnerability Template Management Top--
 Register new vulnerability template--
 Edit Vulnerability Template--
Common settings for form input valuesList view-
 Edit Settings-
Screen Transition DiagramDisplay
List of crawl resultsDisplay
External Domain List Download 
Directory map download 
Manual Patrol ImportList-
 New Import Execution-
Domain ActivationPerform Activation-
Slack webhook notification settingsList-
 New Registration-
 Edit Execution-
Teams webhook notification settingsList-
 New Registration-
 Edit Execution-
GitHub Notification SettingsList-
 New Registration-
Custom webhook notification settingsList-
 New Registration-
 Edit Execution-