Form Input Value Change and Re-crawl page, you can use "Use Word List" or "Randomize the End of Input Values" for the parameter name whose input value you want to change.

You can only change the value when the crawl is completed (Crawled).

Duplicate registration of e-mail addresses and user IDs is not possible. This is also effective for forms that allow the same value to be registered only once, such as reservation systems that do not allow the same date to be registered.

There are two ways to access the Form Input Value Change and Re-crawl page. 

Scan Details or Scan List>Hamburger Menu>Crawl Results>Select Snail Icon on Target Page 

Scan Details or Scan List > Hamburger Menu > Screen Transition Diagram > Select Snail Icon on Target Page

(1) "Use word list"

If you check the "Use word list" checkbox and register multiple random values in the input field, the values in the list will be used in order from the top.

(2) "Randomize the End of Input Values"

If you check the "Randomize the End of Input Values" checkbox, a random value will be added to the end of the input value.