■AeyeScan Service

・Service hours: 24 hours a day, 365 days a year (with scheduled maintenance every Friday night)

・Scanning rules: Vulnerability detection functions are reviewed once a month for additions and performance improvements. In case of emergency, we respond as needed.

Scope of "1 site 3FQDN"

Depending on the AeyeScan plan you have subscribed to, there may be a limit to the number of sites that can be scanned.

The 'one site, three FQDNs' range is in scope if all of the following two conditions are met.

(1) Scope of one site

- Authentication must be by a single ID and PASS. (If multiple authorisations are required for the same site, e.g. general user and administrator, this is out of scope.)

- There must be one top URL. (If more than one top URL is required, this is out of scope.)

Example 1 (within the scope of one site):.

    Top page

      │ └PageA 

      │  ├ sub page

      │  └ sub page 


      └ PageB

             ├ sub page 

     └ sub page 

Example 2 (outside the scope of one site (2 sites)):.

    Top page A

    ├ page

    └ page

    └ page


    Top page B 

    ├ page 

    └ page 

(2) Scope of 3FQDNs

Up to 3 FQDNs can be scanned within the scope of a single site.
For example, the following three different domains can be scanned within one site.

- https://www.example.com 

- https://example1.ne.jp

- https://example2.co.jp