■Master account: 1 ID in principle

In principle, one master account is assigned after the service contract is signed.

The DB of crawl and scan data will be separated for each master account.

 Subaccounts: Limited number of IDs per plan: 3 types of privileges

Sub-accounts can be created that are tied to a master account.

 Please go to Account > Account Settings > Subaccount > + Create.

The number of accounts you can create is limited by the plan you subscribe to.

Accounts have three types of privileges

・Administrators: Can create and delete sub-accounts, register FQDNs, manage groups, and view the results of crawls and scans.

・Editors: Can crawl and scan FQDNs registered in their group and view the results. 

・Viewer: View the crawl and scan results of FQDNs registered in the group to which the user belongs.

■Group assignment is possible for each account

You can create a new group and assign the created accounts to work as a group.

Please go to Account > Account Settings > Subaccount  > +Create.