It is possible to exclude crawling/scanning from the target in Crawl/Scan Target Settings.

The Crawl/Scan Target Settings can be accessed from
Scan List > + New Scan Button > Create New Scan > Crawl/Scan Target Settings

In the 'Crawl/scan target settings', multiple paths can be specified by clicking on '+Add'.

The rules are evaluated in order from the top and the crawl/scan is performed according to the matched rules. If there are no matches, they are treated as 'deny', so care must be taken with the order of the settings.

The 'Crawl/Scan Target Settings' can be entered in two input methods: 'combobox' and 'text list'.

You can switch between the following buttons.

Below are the settings for each input method.

This example describes how to set up an e-commerce site where the path to the administration page is "/admin/".

*The paths in the "Crawl/Scan Target Settings" can also include a hash (#).

■ Enter with combobox

The operating instructions are as follows.

(1) Enter the paths you want to crawl/scan and exclude respectively.

(2) In the Permission settings, you can select 'Allow', 'Deny' or 'Scan Deny*'.

This time, set as follows.

/admin/* Deny: exclude anything under admin from crawl/scan.

/* Allow: crawl and scan everything except admin

 The paths set to 'Scan Deny' will be scanned but excluded from scanning.

(3) By checking the Regular expression check box, it is possible to set paths using regular expressions.

■ Enter with text list

The operating instructions are as follows.

・Specify which paths you want to crawl/scan and which you want to exclude.

・In the permission settings, "allow", "deny" and "scan_deny*" can be selected.

This time, set as follows.

/admin/*,deny      Exclude paths under admin from crawling/scanning. 

/*,allow                 Crawl/scan is carried out except for admin. 

 *The paths set to 'scan_deny' will be crawled but not scanned.

・The path setting can be made in a regular expression by setting a comma-separated 'true' after the permission setting in the regular expression.