If you are having trouble getting pages through the automatic crawl or feel that the number of pages is less than expected, please try the following.

■Domains are not registered enough.

AeyeScan only crawls pre-approved domains.

Domain registration may be insufficient in the following cases.

・An external site (e.g. Amazon Cognito) is used for authentication.

・The GUI and API are configured with different FQDNs (https://www.example.com and https://api.example.com )

There are two ways to register.

・Manual entry and addition of external domains before automatic crawling

How do I set up authentication for a different domain?

・How to select from and add external domain candidates found by AeyeScan during or after the automatic crawl.

I checked the crawl results and some pages are not crawled. Please let me know how to deal with this.

■Registered crawl/scan target settings

If you have set an exclusion path for crawl/scan target settings, it may prevent the crawl target from being retrieved.

Please reduce the exclusion settings to the minimum necessary and crawl again.

■Form submission entry is in error.

In some cases, the form that AeyeScan filled out may have resulted in an error, and the user may not have been able to transition to the page beyond it.

Common error causes and solutions are listed below.

Is there a way to check the page on which the form submission was filled out in error?

If the same value can only be registered once, is there a way to change the input value and perform a scan?

■Some pages take a long time to display (render) and subsequent pages cannot be crawled

If it takes a long time for a page to display, AeyeScan may fail to automatically crawl the page.

It is possible to specify individual drawing waiting time from the following procedure.

After crawling, some pages take a long time to display (render) and subsequent pages cannot be crawled. What can I do about it?