Custom Webhook Settings can be configured.

Notification content can be set as desired.

The procedure is as follows.

1. click on Scan Menu > Custom Webhook Settings > +Register New Custom Webhook.

2. Configure the following settings and click Register.

Configure the following settings and click Register.

Name: Set a name for the Custom Webhook.

Webhook URL: Specify the URL to which the webhook will be sent.

Webhook Body: Set the content of the Webhook notification. Check the available functions and set the content of the notification.

* Be sure to include $message in the Body field.

3. After registration, the "status" is set to "Inactive" as shown below for activation.

4. Check the contents of the "WebHook body" in the WebHook notification tool and copy the "activation URL" displayed.

5. Access the "Activation URL" with the WebHook registered browser.

6. Activation is complete.

7. The registered webhook is selected and used when creating a new scan.