Form input values can be specified from the form input value settings in the scan settings.

If you wish to set your own input values other than the default 'Item name', you can do so from 'Add item'.

The 'Item name' can be set by specifying the label name of the form input value, the form's id attribute and the name attribute.

If you do not set any form input values, Aeyescan will automatically scan and scan with the values you set. 

As a reminder, if you change your email address, you will no longer be able to crawl and scan screens that require email receipt.

・How to set form input values for each scan 

Scan List > New Scan > Form Input Value Settings > Click on the link to "specify the form input values" 

・How to set form input values for the entire scan 

Scan Menu > Common Form Input > Click the Edit button 

[form input values for each scan]

[form input values for the entire scan]