To perform a scan, create a new scan and then start scanning. The scan will be started on the page that has been scanned.

The following table shows the status of crawling/scanning after creating a new scan.

■After creating a new scan

・Wait: Before collecting the page to be scanned.

■After starting the crawl

・Crawling: Collecting pages to be scanned.

Crawl Paused: Pauses the collection of pages to be scanned.

Crawled: Ends collection of scanned pages.

Crawl Error: Failed to collect pages to be scanned.

■After starting a scan

Scanning: Scanning in progress.

Scan Paused: Pauses the scan.

Finished: Finished scanning.

*When the pause button is pressed, the status "Processing" will be displayed.

It will be displayed until the button processing is enabled.