■When page transitions cannot be reproduced

If there are data changes or site updates between the time of detection and the time of non-detection, the vulnerability may not be detected because it is not possible to reach the page to be detected.


The login ID and password have been changed and the user cannot log in.

The page structure has been changed, e.g., A→B→C has been increased to A→B→C'→C.

In this case, please review the scan settings and perform the scan again.

■When Vulnerabilities are Excessively Detected

If the reason for detection states "The response body has changed significantly". The vulnerability may be detected excessively.

Therefore, if the vulnerability is not reproduced by "Rescan", there is a possibility of over-detection.

In addition to the above, there are cases where the scan results differ even for the same site,

Please refer to the following

Please explain why there are differences in the results of multiple scans of the same site.