AeyeScan supports integration with Microsoft Azure Active Directory (Azure AD)* and Google accounts.

For Azure AD, linkage is done by object ID.

This FAQ describes the linkage procedure using Google account.

For information on how to link your Azure AD, please see below.

Can I login to AeyeScan with single sign-on (SSO) via Azure AD?


1. select Account > SSO Settings.

2. On the SSO Settings page, click "Change SSO Settings".

 3. Configure the following settings

①SSO Target:Select "Google".

②SSO Method:Select "Email Address".

③Password Login:Select users (privileges and types) who can log in with a user ID and password.

*When "Not Allowed" is set, password login is disabled for any user, so please confirm that SSO linking is possible before setting.

Click "Change SSO Settings" to complete the configuration.

4.  After setting up and confirming, click "SSO login is available at here" on the AeyeScan login page.

5. Click on "Sign in with Google". 

That is all for the settings.